Hospitals Catering Services

KASCO has established the Hospitals Catering Services in 2003, Our catering service provides reassurance to our clients that meals are of the highest quality and provenance to ensure, the maximum satisfaction of their patients, visitors and staff.

KASCO understands the key role that nutrition plays in patient health and speed of recovery.
Our services actively promote healthy choices and ensure that patients, visitors , medical team and staff receive healthy food that meets their nutritional requirements and preferences .Our menus reflect today’s diversity of taste and increasing demands for international cuisine. Full nutritional analysis and support is provided and our catering team is constantly seeking to develop a range of initiatives to promote dietary excellence. Our catering team is well trained to follow food safety and hygiene standards and training courses are being conducted on a regular basis concerning food safety , Dietary aspects , service and patient’s satisfaction .

KASCO is catering many prestigious hospitals and locations in Kuwait including.
Al Seef Hospital:
Dar Al Shifa Hospital:
New Mowasat Hospital:
Taiba Hospital:

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